Referral Program

For every paying Subscriber who signs up with the referral code associated with an active subscriber’s account, the referring subscriber will receive a credit for a discounted six-pack in their account.

The referring subscriber may visit the CraftX website and choose any 6 beers of a single style from our available inventory, pay $1 plus tax & CRV for their 6-pack. Every two 6-pack credits can be combined for a 12-pack (for which the discounted price is $2 plus tax & CRV)

If a subscriber is referred by a non-active subscriber, the referring non-active subscriber will receive the discounted 6-pack credit(s). Credits may only be redeemed by subscribers with active accounts. An account is deemed active when a customer purchases a subscription longer than one month and still has a shipment remaining to be sent by CraftX associated with their paid subscription. if your account is inactive you can log into your account and see your credits, however you will not be eligible to redeem them. You may activate your account at any time to redeem your credits by subscribing to an available subscription longer than one month.

If we are out of beer and you have credits available to redeem you will receive an email notification when beer is back in stock and you may return to the website to order and pay for your discounted 6-pack(s).