How It Works

The CraftX membership is not your typical, every day beer-of-the-month club. We have direct relationships with the country’s most sought after independent craft brewers so that we can bring you kick ass craft beer that is not available anywhere else. You won’t find our beer at your local bottle shop, grocery store, or liquor store.

Options, variety and choices. Each month we feature 2 breweries, each offering 2 different beers. The only requirement is that you take 6 beers per brewery, you decide how to split that up between the two styles.

We will at times offer exclusive boxes outside of the regular membership. Stay tuned for when these become available and don’t sleep on it when they do – they won’t last very long.

We run out of beer quickly because we don’t carry stale beer. We make every effort to bring you beer that has been canned in the last 7 days. That means shipped and sitting on your doorstop no more than 1 week after it’s been canned.

Signature Required. We recommend that you use your work shipping address. Each delivery requires an adult signature, and we want to make sure your beer gets to you as efficiently as possible.